Interactive map for your regional culture

With RememberQR, you can present the cultural treasures of your region more extensively. We attach QR codes to your cultural attractions to provide visitors with more background information

In addition, the attractions are stored on a map. This serves as a tourist guide and directory about the culture of your region.

Cultural directory for your city
Background information on your cultural attractions
More tourists
Promote cultural and historical education

Quick launchwith RememberQR

RememberQR helps you to present your culture digitally without much effort. We take on as much work for you as you want in all project phases.

Add content

Create content for your cultural highlights. You can add text, images and audio that can be viewed by anyone with a smartphone. Museums can provide maps and information about the museum.

Attach QR codes

Each attraction receives its own QR code. We supply you with high-quality badges with the QR codes and attach them to your points of interest.

Happy visitors

Users receive interesting information on site that you would otherwise find difficult to provide. The app also includes a map showing all the places of interest in your region.


Audio-Guides for your cultural attractions

With RememberQR you can provide extensive information about your culture. In addition to text and images, you can also add audio that visitors can easily listen to with their own headphones. This saves the environment from new disposable headphones.

Audio-Guides for your cultural attractions
Visitors can use their own headphones
No environmentally harmful flyers and disposable headphones

For whom is RememberQR suitable for

RememberQR is suitable for anyone who wants to make cultural sites more accessible with digital information. This is particularly suitable for states, cities and museums that want to present their culture better.



Why was the statue erected? How did the person live? With RememberQR you can answer many questions.



Tell them about the history of the building and show them old photos and drawings of the building.



Use RememberQR as a digital museum companion. Your visitors will find information about the exhibitions and general information about the museum

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The digital companion for your museum

RememberQR guides museum visitors digitally through your museum. Visitors can listen to an audio tour through the museum on their own headphones and receive background information on the exhibits by simply scanning a QR code. No more queuing at the information boards.

With RememberQR's map function, tourists can find your museum and become visitors. You can also see which exhibits are popular and get an overview of your visitors.

Environmentally friendly audio tours without disposable headphones
More visitors thanks to RememberQR's culture map
Less crowding at info cards
Statistics about visitors

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